About Us

After 15 years of offering authentic Mexican meal in Virginia Beach Va., Silviano Arellano has brought his most requested dishes to Grand Azteca Restaurants in Madison Heights, Warren, Fraser, Troy, two (2) Sterling Heights locations (Hall Rd & Van Dyke) and West Bloomfield.

“There aren’t too many good Mexican Restaurant (here),” he said now locals don’t have to travel far to get authentic tasting Mexican food. customers rave about the fajitas burrito filled with steak or chicken and smothered and nacho cheese, tomatoes and sour cream plus the nachos, tacos, chimichangas, lunch and dinner meal are hot items,such as combo number five-a plain burrito with rice and taco – and combo number 24 – two chicken enchiladas rice and beans ” I took the most popular to his stuff and brought it here,” said Arellano, who attributes Grand Azteca’s success to his family’s belief that good food and service should always be provided to customers.In addition to appropriately lunch and dinner combination,the restaurant offers several options in the way of appetizers and salad,and mix drinks including the best margaritas. Also available are comprehensive children’s and vegetarian menus.

An array of desserts tempt patrons of Grand Azteca. According to Arellano, fried ice cream and topped whipped cream and chocolate syrup – customer favorite. Each Grand Azteca location is decorated in vibrant color for a fun atmosphere to complement the variety of authentic Mexican fare.